Meet the Boss

Action Whitewater Adventures

In 1972, I was a poor college student looking for a job.  Through a long convoluted series of circumstances I ended up getting a job as a river guide on the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions.  Little did I realize at the time that I was beginning a love affair that would carry on for the next thirty-five years and change the course of my life.  With a double major in Economics and International Relations, I was planning on  a career either in government or international business.  After my first river trip in Grand Canyon my whole attitude changed.  All I thought about was having my own company and being and outfitter.

As with most people in love, I wasn’t making too many rational decisions but I was persistent and I had more than my share of good luck.  I finally ended up graduating from college and being able to to buy the Idaho operation of Western River Expeditions.  Since that time I have been able to share the river with literally thousands of customers who, once they come on the river, also become friends.  My good luck got even better when I met and Later married a beautiful girl who also loved the river and didn’t care if I made a lot of money or wore a suit and tie to work every day.  Over the years we have managed to fit seven kids in between river trips and they are all true River Rates.( As a proud dad, I need to mention that they are all ‘A’ students.)  As the picture of Jonathan on my lap shows, we start them on the river early.

Action Whitewater Adventures is a true family business and our family invites you to come join us on the Main Salmon river.  Over the past thirty years we have worked hard every year to improve our river trips and to provide the very best river experience possible for our friends who come with us on the river.
Best regards,


Verle Duerden and family

family adventures-main salmon river

Jennifer Duerden Mckay

Trip leader-Main Salmon-Mom of three great kids

Alison Duerden Johnson

Trip leader-Middle Fork and Main Salmon-mom of 2 great kids

Daniel Duerden


Hailey Duerden

Guide in training


Jake Mckay

Trip leader-Main Salmon(Physical Therapist)

Vance Johnson

Trip Leader-Main Salmon(Doctor)

Verle Duerden “River Boss”             Regan Duerden “River Boss’s Boss”
family rafting trips-main salmon river


(future guides)

Jackson, Layla, Cooper, Adele, Sophie, Grace, Joe, Flynn, Ellie, Addie, Lucy, Max, May,

Mathew Duerden (Prof. BYU)

Trip leader-Middle Fork and Main Salmon

Michael Duerden(Photographer, web design)

Trip leader- Main Salmon and Middle fork

Jonathan Duerden(Manager-sales)

Trip leader-Main Salmon


Chenae Duerden

Mother of 4 great kids

Natalie Duerden

(Guide) Mother of 3 great girls

Christie Duerden

Guide (Nurse)