The Grand Canyon of The Main Salmon River

Raft through the 2nd deepest canyon in the


Discover Excitement: The class III and IV rapids on the Main Salmon river supply the thrills and excitement to get your adrenaline going! Experience the ever changing Main Salmon River with heart pounding white water, wild waves and deep holes. Relax in the calm water between the rapids. Catch your breath, enjoy the scenery from steep granite cliffs to grassy meadows. Join in family fun activities, hot springs, water fights and volleyball on the beach.

Discover Traveling by River:Thrills and excitement are provided by heart pounding roller coaster-like rapids followed by calmer sections allowing you ample time to play and enjoy the canyon. This unique blending provides the magic that is white water rafting on the Main Salmon River.  Allow the current of the Main Salmon River to carry you through the Grand Canyon of the Main Salmon to the ultimate family vacation.  White sandy beaches, breath taking views, and abundant wildlife make this a vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Discover Freedom: Enjoy a pampered existence with attention to detail, gourmet cuisine, calm deep pools for relaxation, swimming or fishing. Surround yourself with the beauty of wilderness mountains and a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon. Camp on white sandy beaches sheltered by giant ponderosa pines. Camp out in the worlds only 10 million star resort on the Main Salmon River.

Discover a once in a lifetime experience:We consider it our pleasure to guide you, your family and friends through Idaho’s pristine wilderness down the Main Salmon River. This is truly the perfect vacation.

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