A Main Salmon river trip is simply about having a good time, with great people, in a spectacular setting. A river trip emphasizes the important things in life, and eliminates the trivial matters that we all get too caught up in. A Main Salmon river trip removes these distractions and allows your to simply enjoy life, and have fun. The biggest decision is deciding whether to have seconds of the New York strip steak or save room for Dutch Oven peach cobbler.

On each Main Salmon Rafting trip we have a selection of rafts to choose from. Our large rowing style boats, paddle boats, inflatable kayaks and paddle cats, so everyone on the trip can choose their own level of activity. You can spend an active day in the paddle boats,duckies (inflatable kayaks) or paddle cat or just relax and take pictures on the rowing style boat and let the guide do the work for you. Our 5 day Main Salmon rafting trips are all inclusive and deluxe, we provide all rafting and camping equipment, as well as gourmet meals. In other words, we do all the cooking, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

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